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What is V2X Communication?
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What is V2X Communication?

Vehicle to Everything (V2X), referring to Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) and Vehicle to Network (V2N), is a wireless technology that allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and its surroundings.

V2V communication enables wireless data exchange among vehicles via on-board unit (OBU). Vehicles with V2V communication can broadcast real-time messages to surrounding vehicles and receive broadcast messages to provide decision-making aid for drivers. For example, vehicles with V2V communication can determine potential crash threats by analyzing data, such as location, speed, acceleration and other status elements, of other vehicles in proximity to warn drivers in time.

V2I communication is the wireless exchange of data between vehicles and road infrastructure (such as traffic light, traffic camera and roadside unit). Road infrastructure can obtain data from vehicles in proximity and broadcast real-time messages to assist traffic management. For instance, when traffic light is invisible in a foggy day, the real-time traffic light status will be displayed on the OBU's screen directly through the V2I communication to assist crossroad passing.

V2P communication involves direct communications between vehicles and pedestrians (or vulnerable road users such as cyclists) within close proximity. It is conducted through the use of wearable devices and mobile phones. With V2P communication, drivers can receive blind spot warning to avoid pedestrian collision.

V2N communication connects on-board unit to cloud platform via access network or core network to enable data exchange, storage and processing. V2N communication is mainly used for vehicle navigation, vehicle remote control, emergency rescue and car infotainment service.

V2X connects people, vehicles, infrastructure, cloud, and other transportation elements to form an organic unity, allowing vehicles to obtain more information and promoting innovation and applications in autonomous driving. With V2X communication, an intelligent transportation system can be built to enable new business model development, resources conservation, pollution reduction, traffic efficiency and safety improvement.

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