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The emerging trend in the global automotive industry is that the demand for connected vehicle technologies is rising at a significant pace. 

A connected vehicle enables connectivity between vehicles and/or enable connection of the vehicle to external devices, networks, applications, and services. Typically, vehicles with interactive advanced driver-assistance systems (ADASs) and cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) can be regarded as connected.

To make a car "connected" with external devices, on-board unit is needed to be built in a car. In Genvict's solution, the on-board unit (OBU) adopts high-performance processor and built-in GNSS (Beidou/GPS) positioning function. Wireless communication (eg. 3G/4G cellular communication, WiFi, Bluetooth) and interfaces (eg. CAN, RS232, Ethernet) are provided to enhance its performance.


It fully meets with all kinds of on-board communication needs, and various comprehensive V2X applications can be developed based on it. In compliance with the requirements of the "Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System -- Vehicle Communication System Application Layer and Application Data Interaction Standards" (TCSAE 53-2017). It adopts frame design and provides an SDK to meet with the demands of customization or self-developed applications.

17 Typical V2X Applications

Traffic SafetyTraffic Efficiency
Forward Collision WarningGreen Light Optimal Speed Advisory
Intersection Collision WarningTraffic Jam Warning
Left Turn AssistEmergency Vehicle Warning
Blind Spot Warning/Lane Change WarningInformation Service
Do Not Pass WarningHazardous Location Warning
Emergency Brake WarningVehicle-Near-Field Payment
Abnormal Vehicle Warning
Control Loss Warning
Speed Limit Warning
Red Light Violation Warning
Vulnerable Road User Collision Warning
In-Vehicle Signage

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