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Smart Urban Mobility

According to a 2018 UN report 55% of the world's population lives in urban areas today, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. As the world continues to urbanize, many countries and megacities will face challenges in sustainable development, including for transportation.

It is calculated that the Global average congestion level in 2019 is 29%, which means a 30-minute trip will take 29% more time than it would during baseline uncongested conditions. Figures from United Nations Road Safety Collaboration reveals that there are 3,700 road traffic deaths per day, that is 1.3 million people killed on the world's roads each year. 

Governments around the world are now calling for solutions to enable smarter urban mobility to improve traffic efficiency and safety. Genvict, as an expert in designing and implementing intelligent transport system, is capable of providing complete solutions to enable sustainable mobility in cities.

  • Electronic Vehicle Registration
    Electronic Vehicle Registration
    Electronic vehicle registration (EVR) is a digital system combining automatic vehicle recognition and registration data management to enhance vehicle management.
  • Congestion Charging
    Congestion Charging
    Congestion charging, also called road pricing, is designed to discourage use of certain classes of vehicle, fuel sources or more polluting vehicles. It levies direct charges for the use of roads, including road tolls, distance or time based fees.
  • Smart Parking
    Smart Parking
    Smart Parking is a parking solution that combines technology and human innovation to achieve effective management and offer easier parking experience.