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Finding a vacant parking space during peak hours is very difficult and is a frustrating experience for many drivers especially in central areas of large cities. It is surveyed that average motorists spend nearly four days a year looking for parking spaces. Such delays in parking impair local circulation and lead to more traffic accidents and air pollution.

Parking difficulties mainly result from shortage in parking slots, scattered parking resources and information failure in real-time parking status. And it is now exacerbated by the ever growing number of vehicles globally. The issue can only be resolved via integrated parking management solutions.

Our offerings for smart parking include :

  • Scenario-based solutions: 

on-street parking and off-street parking;

  • Automatic fee collection: 

the fees can be collected by various criteria, such as time spent, monthly parking;

  • Parking guidance and management: 

real-time data can be collected and displayed on websites, apps and guidance screens to direct the drivers to the nearest parking slots available;

  • E-management platform: 

our platform enables automatic processing and comprehensive data analysis to assist in performance improvement;

  • System integration: 

our platform can be easily integrated with other systems, such as e-commerce platform, traffic control platform.

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