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ITS Applications of UHF RFID Technology
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ITS Applications of UHF RFID Technology

Ultra-high Radio Frequency Identification (UHF RFID), with frequency band between 860MHz and 960MHz, is contactless and automatic identification technology that identifies and programs target (generally RFID tag attached on the object) without any human intervention. Its typical communication range is 4 to 6 meters, with maximum range over 10 meters. From technical and applicable perspectives, RFID tag is not a perfect carrier for storing large amount of data, but an effective means to identify targeted object in a contactless way.


Ultra-high Radio Frequency Identification is a practical and flexible technology that can work in harsh environment and is especially suitable for automatic control application. Currently, UHF RFID technology is widely used in fields like communication transmission, industrial automation, commercial automation and identity authentication, while long-range RF products are typically applied to intelligent transportation (ITS).

1. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)

Electronic tolling system collects the toll via wireless communication between in-vehicle RFID tag and authorized RFID reader at the tolling point, and then conducts settlement processing with banks via computer network. Vehicles therefore can pass through the tolling points directly without stopping to pay the toll.

2. Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR)

The EVR system uses RFID technology to automatically identify vehicles, validate the identity, status, and authenticity of vehicle data. The system is widely used for vehicle monitoring purpose, and can be applied to customs, ports and chemical industrial park to improve throughput efficiency and conducts real-time monitoring.

3. Traffic Control System

UHF RFID technology can be used as an effective means to collect real-time vehicular data in traffic control system. The system analyzes the data acquired, and then performs optimal traffic signal control in accordance with the constantly changing road traffic conditions.

4. Smart Parking

RFID-based smart parking system is similar to RFID-based tolling system, with UHF RFID reader installed at the entry and exit to identify the tags in the vehicle. It collects parking fees without having to stop vehicles. It can also be used for monitoring and control purpose, such as bus terminal management.

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