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As the pioneer in V2X field in China, Genvict has spent years in developing V2X-related products and solutions. One of the important components in V2X concept is V2I (vehicle to infrastructure), which leads to the concept of "Intelligent Road", or "Smart Road". 

The intelligent road system includes four levels: integrated transportation management platform, V2X management platform, roadside system, and V2X on-board units, as shown in the following figure:

Intelligent Road

Integrated transportation management platform is a comprehensive management platform jointly organized by V2X management platform and other supporting platforms. The platform includes servers and software systems, switches, large-screen display, control terminals and other equipment.

The V2X management platform is a monitoring platform that integrates data sources from different modules such as video management, event management, traffic control, electromechanical management, toll monitoring, and emergency management. The data from each road section is transmitted to the corresponding control center through the optical fiber to form the first-level road management platform.

The intelligent roadside equipment includes V2X roadside unit and its peripheral sensors. It broadcasts the road condition to the V2X on-board unit, and by which receives the abnormal condition reported. The data is then uploaded to the central platform where warning is sent to the appropriate roadside equipment to alert other vehicles.

V2X on-board unit receives the information acquired by the roadside system. Combined with its own sensors, it provides assisted driving/automatic driving services to improve traffic safety and efficiency.

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