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Genvict, Xinlian and Smartyoke Team up to Launch ETC Refueling System
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Genvict, Xinlian and Smartyoke Team up to Launch ETC Refueling System

Genvict Technology, together with Xinlian Technology and Smartyoke deploys the "ETC refueling system" in Jinan gas station, another successful case right after Genvict launched China's first ETC refueling system in Shandong. The deep integration of ETC payment and energy retail industry marks the start of a new era embracing "ETC+industry" applications.

"ETC insensible refueling" site

"ETC refueling" site▲

Shortening payment procedure to enjoy speedy refueling service

ETC refueling system functions through the short-distance wireless communication between on-board unit (in-vehicle unit) and the roadside unit (antenna) within the exclusive ETC refueling lane. Within 2 minutes, the refueling and payment can be done without getting off the car or physically paying the fee. The whole process is completely automatic.

 (video source: Xinlian Technology)

Technological breakthrough enabling commercial application

Genvict's ETC refueling system is capable of identifying vehicle information in the on-board unit accurately and in the meantime effectively ensuring the account security. The system then directly deducts money from the bank according to the fuel volume. The whole payment process only takes 1-2 seconds, which is 3-5 times faster than traditional refueling.


The procedure diagram of Genvict's ETC refueling solution▲

Up to now, China's ETC users have exceeded 200 million. The innovation and commercial application of Genvict's ETC refueling is expecting to play a positive role in improving the efficiency and service level of gas stations and offering citizens with more comfortable mobility experience.