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Genvict Showcases Latest ITS Innovation and Applications at CEI Exhibition 2020
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Genvict Showcases Latest ITS Innovation and Applications at CEI Exhibition 2020

The 22nd China Expressway Informatization (CEI) Seminar and Exhibition was held in Chongqing, China from August 27th to 28th. In the event, Genvict presented latest ITS products and solutions for smart cities and highways, including vehicle-infrastructure cooperative system, smart urban mobility and highway electronic tolling. Our showcase at CEI 2020 received great interest and attention from industrial visitors and experts.

Highlight 1: "ETC+V2X" Convergence

Intelligent vehicle-infrastructure cooperative system (VICS) is the key component of intelligent highway, as well as the investment focus of "information infrastructure" and "converged infrastructure" in New Infrastructure Construction.

As the pioneer with accumulated expertise and experience in V2X research and innovation, Genvict has developed a comprehensive application system integrating with hardware, software and cloud platform. In the context where C-V2X is the mainstream and ETC user growth is booming, Genvict creatively proposes the concept of ETC-X, aiming to take ETC application as leverage to accelerate the VICS commercial implementation, and in the meantime, guarantee the continuity of 5G-V2X evolution.


Highlight 2: "ETC+" Urban Mobility

In the context of highway ETC boom in 2019, there is now a clear move to extend ETC applications in urban area. Through innovating technologies, products and business models, Genvict has developed a portfolio of ETC+ solutions, such as ETC on-street parking and ETC refueling, to enable urban mobility development.


Highlight 3: Enhanced Highway ETC Applications

Full ETC coverage in highway and free-flow tolling application call for a highly stable ETC system. To meet with the demand, Genvict launched integrated solutions for full scenario ETC tolling and equipment performance monitoring. ETC transaction can be closely monitored to facilitate risk control and quick trouble shooting, thereby enabling reliable and stable operation of ETC system.