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The First 'Intelligent Networked Road' in Anhui Province Co-constructed by Genvict and Chery
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The First 'Intelligent Networked Road' in Anhui Province Co-constructed by Genvict and Chery

Recently, Shenzhen Genvict Technologies Co. Ltd. (Genvict) and Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. (Chery) collaborated on the construction of the first Intelligent Networked Road in Anhui Province, and this has succeeded resoundingly.

Demo-road-Condition1.jpg                  The entire road, with 8 intersections of traffic lights and 1 tunnel, is 4.4 km long and can fulfill the following 

                  V2X applications shown in figure 1:

                   (1) Non-signalized Intersection Collision Warning; 

                   (2) Lane Change Assist/Blind Spot Warning; 

                   (3) Forward Collision Warning; 

                   (4) Inter-vehicle Video Transmission; 

                   (5) Accident Ahead Warning; 

                   (6) Traffic Lights Notice/Driving Speed Advisory; 

                   (7) Tunnel Notice; 

                   (8) Construction Warning; 

                   (9) Intersection Pedestrian Warning.

            (Figure 1 Demo-road Condition)

The newly developed products of Genvict in V2X were employed in the road construction, with all OBU and RSU devices exclusively provided by Genvict, and with great support from Anhui Daer Intelligent Control System Co., Ltd. The successful cooperation with Chery this time is of great significance for the practical application of V2X products and service in reality.

Chery states that the OBU and RSU devices supplied by Genvict are of excellent quality, fully satisfying their needs. Chery expresses their great interest in further cooperation with Genvict in the upcoming second-phased demo project, with an aspiration to build up an intelligent networked automobile demonstrative base and to find out a feasible way to manage its operation.

       Figure-2-V2X-Large-screen-Interface2.jpg     Figure-4-Genvict-V2X-Roadside-Unit2.jpg

                       (Figure 2 V2X Large-screen Interface)                                                      (Figure 3 Genvict V2X Roadside Unit)

At present, V2X has been considered as the major R&D focus in Genvict. The future is no doubt leading to intelligent transportation, which highly integrates the automobiles and transportation. For years, Genvict, devoting itself to the field of ITS, has an aspiration and vision to develop an intelligent transportation network where people, vehicles, infrastructure and the environment can interlink seamlessly.