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Electronic Toll Collection

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) is one legacy ITS application for improving transportation efficiency, decreasing operation cost, and conducting environmentally-friendly management. The toll is automatically collected while the vehicle passes through tolling points ceaselessly without stopping to pay the fee.

Currently, electronic toll collection equipment has been applied in many cities and countries over the world. The global ETC market is expected to reach USD 10.73 billion by 2023. One of the major driving factors is ETC systems as an effective solution to congestion charging with improved traffic flow per lane.

For the electronic toll collection system, we offer complete solutions with a multi-technology approach to fit in different scenarios and demands.

  • Plaza Tolling
    Plaza Tolling
    Plaza tolling, also known as conventional tolling, is now gradually upgrading to toll lanes with electronic tolling function.
  • Free Flow Tolling
    Free Flow Tolling
    Free flow tolling or multi-lane free flow tolling (MLFF) is also known as open road tolling (ORT). It collects tolls on toll roads without toll booths.