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A Glance at Toll Roads in China
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A Glance at Toll Roads in China

According to the China Statistical Statement on Toll Roads, by the end of 2019, the length of toll roads in China reaches 171,000 km, accounting for 3.4 percent of the total road network -- 5,012,500 km. There are 1,267 mainline toll plazas, a net decrease of 49 toll plazas from the end of previous year. The toll roads are classified into four types by technical grade: expressway (142,800 km, 753.5 toll plazas), first-class road (18,600 km, 232 toll plazas), second-class road (8,700 km, 132 toll plazas), and bridges and tunnels (1,024 km, 58.5 toll plazas).


Construction Investment

By the end of 2019, the accumulated investment in toll road construction totals up to ¥9.51 trillion, a net increase of ¥627.26 billion. The investment in expressway accounts for 92.8% of the total investment. The accumulated debt financing ratio of the construction investment in 2019 is 68.6%, that is ¥6.53 trillion, with an increase of 5.7% from previous year.


Revenue and Expenditure

The gross toll in 2019 is ¥593.79 billion, with 93.5% (¥555.1 billion) of the income from expressways, 1.9% (¥11.41 billion) from first-class roads, 0.7% (¥4.12 billion) from second-class roads, and 3.9% (¥23.15 billion) from bridges and tunnels.

The total expenditure in 2019 is ¥1.08 trillion, among which debt repayment accounts for 77.9% (¥840.95 billion), maintenance for 7.7% (¥82.59 billion), reconstruction and extension for 3.4% (¥36.38 billion), operation for 7.0% (¥75.81 billion), tax for 3.9% (¥42.02 billion) and other expenditure for 0.1% (¥1.01 billion).



Toll Discount and Exemption

In 2019, toll discount and exemption amounts to ¥100.97 billion, accounting for 14.5% of the tolls receivable. The "green channel" for fresh agricultural products was exempted from tolling at an amount of ¥35.08 billion. The toll exemption in major holidays was ¥34.37 billion. Other discount and exemption policies include differentiated expressway tolling, ETC discounts, and toll free for rescue vehicles, which account for 31.2% (¥31.53 billion) of the total annual toll reduction or exemption.